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Frequently Asked Questions - Selling Self-Storage Facilities​

Often many self-storage business owners who are selling their self-storage facility have a host of questions and doubts. To ease your mind and help you in your selling process, we have compiled this handy list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) for self-storage owners, mini-storage owners, and boat & RV parking owners.
Do You Buy Self-Storage Units In Any Condition?
Yes, we buy self-storage properties in any condition. It does not matter if your facility needs repairs, cleaning, has low occupancy and/or lots of delinquent tenants, or has any other issues. We are ready to buy it from you as long as you are ready to sell at a reasonable price based on the situation. Our goal is to make selling your self-storage property to us as hassle-free as we can.
Are You Listing My Self-Storage Facility for Sale?
No. We are NOT real estate agents looking to list your property. We do not sell it FOR you. We are BUYERS and will buy your storage property outright. If you wish to sell your property in the traditional market, you will have to reach out to a real estate broker who will then list your storage property for sale.
Will You Pay Cash If I Close Quickly?
Yes, we may be able to buy your storage facility for cash in case of a quick close for smaller properties.
Are There Any Realtor Commissions Involved?

No. If your property is not listed for sale yet with a real estate agent, you will not have to pay any realtor fees as we will buy your property directly through you. That is the main reason that we are able to give you our highest possible offer.

Who Is Responsible For Paying The Closing Costs?

If you have a real estate agent/broker representing you, you will be responsible for the 6% (or whatever commission) in fees they are charging you. Other closing costs are typically split between sellers and buyers with specific fees being traditionally paid by sellers and other fees being traditionally paid by buyers.

Will I Incur Any Fees If You Make Me An Offer, Or When I Sell My Storage Property To You?

There are no fees or commissions or obligations involved with receiving an offer to purchase your property. If we come to agreement on terms, there should not be any upfront costs to you causing you to come out of pocket. Any costs related to selling would typically be deducted from your total sales proceeds at the title company.

How Do I Contact You And Request A No-Obligation Offer On My Storage Facility?

To request your fast and fair no-obligation offer, you can call us now at 512-890-0091. Alternatively, you can submit your name, contact details, and property address on our online Contact Form and we will reach out to you soon to gather more information.

Will My Self-Storage Facility Need To Undergo An Appraisal Or Pass An Inspection?

Yes, it is possible that your self-storage facility may be inspected and/or that a lender requires an appraisal in order to approve a loan to purchase the property. However, lenders and appraisers will often consider the “after-repaired value”, so this should not be an issue. We make our offer for your self-storage facility as it is currently. We are skilled at determining the value of a self-storage property and the costs associated with any work that needs to be done to bring it to tip-top condition.

How Much Time Does It Usually Take To Complete The Due Diligence Process?

Typically, it takes about 30 days to complete the due diligence process once we have received all requested documentation from the owner. We can be flexible and extend this period as needed to fit your schedule.

How Long Is The Financing Period?
The standard period for financing is 30 days. We can be flexible and extend this period as needed to fit your schedule.
What If I Want To Offer Financing And Be The Bank?

That’s great. More often than not, it’s a smart decision to keep your cash flow going by acting as the lender. In addition, this technique can often drastically reduce how much you pay in taxes by spreading out the gain over years. Also, seller-financed deals are much smoother and sometimes required if a facility does not qualify for bank financing due to needed repairs, low occupancy, low revenues, etc.

Are You A Serious Self-Storage Buyer?

We assure you that we are not tire-kickers or looky-loos. We currently already own and operate self-storage properties and are serious about buying your property. Once you submit your property information and request our no-obligation offer, we will reach out to you soon to gather more information. We work hard to offer a hassle-free experience.

What Happens After I Submit My Property Details On Your Website?

Once you submit your property information on our contact form that you’ll find on our website, a member of our team will get in touch with you personally within the next couple of business days. On that call, we will gather some basic property and business information.

Soon after that, we will make you a fair, no-obligation offer for your storage facility. If you accept it, we will close the deal on a date and time that you are comfortable with at a reputable local title company that you choose. We will receive title to your property only after you receive your money in full.

Moreover, if it is a cash sale and there is much less paperwork to sign, the process is faster and easier. So you should be able to sell your property to us in no time.

How Much Time Will You Take To Make A Cash Offer?

We usually can get you an offer to you in 72 hours or less.

Is It Mandatory To Accept Your Offer?

Absolutely not. You are not under any obligation to accept our offer if you don’t find it agreeable. You also can let us know what an acceptable offer would be.

Will You Try To Renegotiate The Terms Of Your Offer Once We Go Under Contract?

Although this does not happen often, it is possible that during the due diligence period we discover something that significantly changes the value of the property and business. If that happens, we will let you know as quickly as we can, so we can explain and discuss the issue. That is the whole reason for having the due diligence period – to confirm all the details and facts.

Will You Keep My Information Confidential?

Absolutely. We treat your privacy with complete respect and keep all your personal data confidential. We won’t share your information with any third party without your prior permission.

What Areas Do You Buy Self-Storage Properties In?

We buy storage facilities in Texas, Florida, and all across the south and southeast states.


Selling a self-storage property for the first time can be a tricky process. But our list of FAQs above should help you ease your worries and make the selling process as seamless and hassle-free as possible.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how to sell your self-storage facility, please submit our Contact Form .